The Stabyhoun

  • One of the top 10 rarest dog breeds

  • Recognized by FCI in group 7 Pointing Breeds

  • Breed originated in Friesland, the Netherlands

  • Recognized by Raad van Beheer, the Dutch Kennel Club, in 1942

  • Entered as AKC-Foundation Stock Service breed in 2006

  • Stabijs were originally owned by lowland farmers who needed an all-around working, hunting, guard and companion dog.

  • Stabyhoun or "Stabijhoun" is derived from sta me bij or "stand by me" - these are true "Stand by Me" dogs

  • Can be black and white, roan, or brown and white; no tricolor

  • Male: 51 – 55 lbs (Adult), Female: 44 lbs (Adult)

  • Life span: 13 – 14 years

  • Height: Male: 1.7 ft. (Adult, At the withers), Female: 20 in. (Adult, At the withers)

  • In general, their sensitivity and intelligence make Stabyhouns a more challenging breed than Labradors, and they are best homed with someone experienced in positive training techniques.

  • The Stabyhoun is not the ideal dog breed for someone who cannot give them adequate exercise and mental stimulation.

  • If your Stabyhoun will be left for more than 4 hours each day on a regular basis (even if it is in two slots of 3 hours before and after lunch), then this is probably not the dog for you.  It is in their nature to be with their owner - they are very social, intelligent animals.

Anton Jelmer fan de Moaie Hôvingen  NVK,NJK-09,LUX,VHD,CIE , Intske's Grandfather; click on photo for more information.  

Brown and white Stabyhouns

An example of a "roan" black and white Stabyhoun in Weesp, NL; this one lives on a boat with his master! 

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