Taking Your Pup Home

 Automobile Travel 

It's a GREAT day when you finally get to hold your new puppy!  Start out on the right foot and make sure you're prepared for the trip home.  Here are some resources and ideas to help you prepare: 

Driving Home With Your Puppy was written to help you make your trip as easy and safe as possible on both you and your puppy. This FREE ebook gives you everything from a list of supplies you'll need to ideas on where to safely potty your puppy on the trip.

In the car....safety first

Please have a pet carrier or small crate to transport your pup in safely. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, as long as it keeps your pup in place and gives them a sense of security.  A puppy in your lap is in extreme risk in a car crash.  Securing the crate with tie-downs or carrier to a seat belt is best.  Have a friend or family member along with you to keep pup company in the back seat.  If you must travel alone, secure the carrier/crate in the front seat so that pup can see you and not feel abandoned.  Pups will cry their "lost" cry if they can't see someone.  

We see a crate as a lifetime investment for our dog; Intske considers it her "home away from home", and she settles easily when we overnight away from home, and she rides contentedly in the car in it.  If we go to a dog event, she can hang out in her crate outdoors or indoors.  We chose a RTK (Rough Tuff Kennel) because it does not rattle in the car, it is impact resistant, and it is lightweight, easy to clean, and it was cost-effective.  We have a large and an intermediate (not "medium") size, and she fits in either.

Still vulnerable to disease - Avoid "dog" areas

The safest place to potty your puppy is at an office park. Keep pup leashed and set pup down in a area that doesn't appear to be frequented by dogs.  


If you have to go to a rest stop DO NOT take her to the “dog walk” areas. She has not been fully vaccinated and must be kept away from areas where unknown dogs go to the bathroom. Instead find an out-of-the way grassy area to set your puppy down.  Avoid any dog feces you see no matter where you are walking the pup.

Do download the booklet above, it is full of very useful information!  Avidog will not spam you with information or sales pitches.  

 Air Travel 

It is your responsibility to check your airline and country and state regulations for transporting a puppy.  Some airlines have weight and age restrictions on carry on pets; usually weight includes your carrier.  Please review Customs requirements for you country.  Contact us if you have any questions. 


Responsible Stabyhoun Breeders will NOT ship puppies in cargo; pups must be escorted as carry on luggage in the cabin of the plane.  We will provide health certificates as needed. 

Stabyhoun pups will still fit under the seat at age 8-9 weeks, generally.  Make sure you book a seat that has underseat storage in the seat in front of you (some rows do not have this).  Make sure your carrier is airline approved.  We recommend the Sherpa carrier or the Sleepypod pet carrier.

Flying your puppy home is a daunting thought for many new puppy owners. Avidog has written Flying Home With Your Puppy  to help make your trip as easy and safe as possible on both you and your puppy. This FREE ebook gives you everything from a list of supplies you'll need to how you can potty your puppy in the airport and on the plane

Ask your breeder to introduce the carrier to your puppy before his departure, so there is a comfort level and puppy associates good things with his carrier/crate. 



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