Sândún Litter
Spring 2020

"Jorah" - Simcoe Stabys Noorden Ridder  FCPR P14.2178

Intske Anke fan de Moaie Hôvingen X Simcoe Staby's Noorden Ridder

Intske Anke fan de Moaie Hôvingen NHSB 2976108

We are very excited as we anticipate this lovely pairing of Jorah with Intske!  We've known Jorah and his owners Darlene and Frank Zelazo for several years, enjoying Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association (ASA) events with our dogs together.   


Both dogs have passed judging by two Dutch Stabyhoun judges with "Excellent" or "Very Good" ratings at the ASA Specialties.  Each dog has had hip and elbows radiographed, are clear for Cerebral Dysfunction (CD), and have had their DNA tested.  Jorah has sired one litter already, and those pups are growing up healthy and happy, including the Zelazos' second Stabyhoun, Jorah's son - Paxon.  It's important to see and assess what our dogs produce for offspring, just as the Dutch association does at their Fokkersdag (Breeder Days).  In the case of us North American owners, it is at the ASA  Specialties held every 2-3 years and at regional events.

Puppies from this litter will be DNA tested, started on crate and potty training, and receive Early Scent Introduction (ESI) and Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS).  Learn and watch more about these in Dr. Gayle Watkin's ESI video and Dr. Carmen Battaglia discussing ENS.  The puppies will be well-socialized during their time with us, visiting stores, going for stroller rides, meeting neighbors, getting accustomed to sounds and more!  They will also be introduced to the airline carrier if new families have to travel by plane (see "Taking Your Pup Home").  Follow along with their experiences or watch our live webcam! 

As our kennel name translates to "the broad lake or sea", and as Jorah lives along the Rhode Island coast, we named this litter the Sândún litter (West Frisian for sand dune) and will name each pup with a name from their ancestors and a special beach in the Netherlands followed by the kennel name.  A sample name would be Bjinse Vieland fan de Wiide Mar.  We name the pups immediately because they must be registered within about 10 days after whelping so their registrations can returned in time to sign them over to their new families.  Of course, you can pick any call name you like!