The Sjarme Litter has fledged to their new homes!

On April 26, 2021 five male Stabyhouns and two female Stabyhouns were born to Anne Zonnehoeve and Theodorus (Llewyn). Anne was a stellar mum - she birthed all seven healthy pups from 4:15 pm until 7:30 pm and we had everyone nursing within a few minutes of birth. All of the pups were vigorous and we only helped by drying them off and making sure they didn't need to have any fluid suctioned from their nose or mouth. (See the photos here!)

Over the weeks, the pups gained their legs, and started to show their personalities - especially around week five. The pups met babies, lots of humans, other breeds of dogs, heard F-35 fighter jets overhead, listened to birds, played in the yard and baby pool, had a blast on a big disc swing, went for stroller rides around the neighborhood, went on car rides, learned to go from living room - hallway-kitchen-outdoors, ate a ton of food, and made a lot of pee and poop. We litter trained, introduced crates, introduced crates in the car, acclimated the pups to grooming and nail trimming, and fed them in numerous different locations and varied the times they were fed. We temperament tested them using Avidog's APET test, with animal behaviorist Emily Lewis, IAABC certified.

We had a lot of cheering on from our friends worldwide and fellow Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association members, and that made a huge difference - it's time and energy consuming to whelp and raise a litter!

I will be forever grateful for the support!

I found wonderful families to make these pups a new family member. I cannot state strongly enough that I would never want to breed without the support of the Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association. Their waitlist, along with contacts I had, made it a breeze to find the "right fit" for homes for my pups. Their assessment of conformation, and genetics was invaluable information. The peace of mind I had in knowing there was always someone I could contact to ask a question, was also invaluable. The ongoing support and education for new puppy parents is unrivaled.

On the weekend of June 26 and 27, the puppies met their new families. Anne watched as each on loaded into their car and drove away. She's quite happy to be the center of attention again, and getting her girlish figure back!

Now the pups are enjoying new experiences, meeting new family, and learning so much with their new owners! Several of the pups have canine and feline "siblings" in their new homes, and all of the introductions have gone wonderfully. Pups are starting their puppy courses, practicing potty training, and some are even learning tricks and sports like nosework.

Spring/Summer 2021 is one to remember!

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