The Journey Continues...

On March 27, 2019 I traveled to the Netherlands to meet and bring home our second Stabyhoun, Anne Zonnehoeve, bred by Wousje Bos. Over the next 5 days, I met new friends and old; got acquainted with Anne's mother, grandmother and half-sister; attended a meeting of the Dutch Stabyhoun Association NVSW (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Stabij- en Wetterhounen) breeding committee; fell in love with Anne; and had long talks about breeding and Stabyhouns.

Heart-felt thanks (hartelijk dank) go out to all those who made this possible and such a memorable trip: Annette and Nel for their visits to the litter (or "nest" as the Dutch translate) and for bridging the distance for me; Wousje Bos and her wonderful family for their generosity of spirit and for trusting me with one of their amazing puppies; new friends Alexandra and Mark with Anne's brother "Ninja" - I wish you all the best! And Ineke Bosboom -thank you for breeding Anne's father, Dauwe, a handsome male - and for a day well spent together, and the invite to the NVSW meeting! Bertha and Karin (Intske's breeders) for the fun glimpse at "sweatwork" or what we call tracking.

As you can see, for me, entering the world of owning a Stabyhoun has brought so much more into my life than I ever anticipated; new friends, activities with the Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association and the NVSW, trips to the Netherlands, studying genetics and breeding, and more.

I owe Intske, and now Anne, more than they'll ever know. ;)

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