A Very Special Trip...

When Spring comes, we will be traveling to the Netherlands again; this time to visit friends and bring home a female Stabyhoun pup!

Ed and I are beyond excited, and we're preparing the house to be as puppy proofed as possible. I've been looking at the daily photos sent by our pup's breeder, and organizing my trip. The pups are only weeks old, so there is a lot of growing to do between now and the trip home. Our new pup has lots of brothers and sisters, and they're all doing wonderfully, growing so fast!

We brought Intske home to the United States in similar fashion; flying over for a long weekend, visiting the breeder and getting pup used to us and prepared for the long flight. Luckily, we can fly direct from Amsterdam NL to Montreal, Canada on KLM airlines. Pup will be in an airline approved carry-on bag that will ride on the floor under the seat in front of me during takeoff, and landing. In between we can have her on my lap in the bag (but not allowed to be outside the bag!). Pups usually do just fine in the airplane cabin, sleeping most of the way. We would never ship a Stabyhoun in cargo, as you lose all control over what kind of experience the dog has during their time in the hold.

During my trip, I will visit with Intske's brother's (Mees) owners Annette and Joop, and our mutual friend Nel. Intske's breeders Karin and Bertha of Kennel fan de Moaie Hôvingen, have been so wonderful in introducing me to great Stabij folks, and I will visit them and meet their newest Stabij "Lumi", who is doing wonderfully at the dog shows this year! We will attend a tracking training which will be a fun new experience. I also hope to go for a walk with Tess and Carrie and their Stabij Finn, a lovely fellow! I am so excited -- this is my fourth trip to the Netherlands since 2014!

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