Time for FUN

Intske and I had a great weekend. Our first stop was the German Shepherd Club of Southern New Hampshire's Herding Instinct and Farm Dog Certification Testing in Spencer, MA. What fun!

First, for Instke, it was doggie heaven with sheep dung all over the fields and sheep to watch! For me, it was an occasion to talk dogs and I ran into acquaintances with other rare breeds including Yvonne Bunevich with her Bergamaso, Sophie. It's really fun when you meet a few people at a dog event and get to know them via Facebook, then find out you know some of the same folks. I love the small world aspect of it!

I also got to watch a Swedish Valhund work sheep during her instinct test, and wow!, did she have a grand time!! That dog was in her element!

At the later part of the afternoon, Intske and I were first on the list for the Farm Dog Certification Test. I had not practiced anything with unusual surfaces to walk on, and I saw that we would have to walk over plastic last with a tarp covering it...hmmmm...could she do it without balking? Well, she did! She also was confidently by my side throughout - despite the noise distractions, the sheepy smells, and being hitched to a tree while I fed the sheep, walking towards the sheep, and then separating out of sight of each other for 2 minutes while waiting in a covered exercise pen. I decided a sit-stay would keep her on tast the best...she has a great stay....and I worried she'd bark...but after 2 minutes there she was, calm as can be, still in her original sit-stay! YAY!!! Good girl, Intske! I was so proud of her in my heart -- she knew we were partners and worked with me despite the distractions, unfamiliarity, and new experiences.

The next day - Sunday - we got to learn and play and once again, I was so proud of how Instke was calm, kept nearby, and was well-behaved. We attended the New England Stabyfest in Harvard, MA and met up with about 22 other Stabyhouns! So good to see old friends and new! I also learned a little more about conformation and taking inventory of measurements on our dogs. Couldn't ask for a better weekend with my gal Intske.

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