Stewarding this Rare Breed

Do you have a Stabyhoun? Have you contributed your dogs' DNA to the Ameri-Can Stabyhoun intitiative to study the population? Now is the time!

EMBARK is now running a special that could help more Stabyhouns contribute to the population study currently being conducted by Dr. Carol Beuchat, PhD. By writing to EMBARK with this email address, <>, you can get the DNA swab and then test results for only $99 (regularly $199!). Once you get your results, report them to the Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association (ASA) Breeders Advisory Committee, attention Lee Brewer. Embark's analysis of DNA is the same platform used by canine genetics research laboratories worldwide and provides the most comprehensive and detailed analysis available.

The DNA can be used to establish the genetic relationships of the current dogs in our Stabyhoun population, which will provide the information needed by breeders for genetic management. Working with the Institute of Canine Biology (ICB), ASA "breeders and scientists will sit down together, evaluate the genetic status of the breed, diagnose the problems, and come up with breeding strategies and recommendations that will improve health. The goal will be to provide a plan that is feasible for breeders to follow and which will have short- and long-term outcomes for health improvement and ultimately preservation of the breed. Genetic assessment of a breed and development of breeding strategies will use the the new ICB Breeder Tool. It will provide breeders with a detailed assessment of the genetic health and issues of their breed and the information they need for making the best possible breeding decisions going forward." (

Embark's scientists are hard at work in the lab, and are expanding results all the time. As new features and results become available, Embark will let you know. Your participation will also help scientists make new discoveries. Embark is a research partner with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Yes, you may help science AND the Stabyhoun breed, but YOU get something out of this, too! Embark's health test screens for over 160 diseases and known medical issues for dogs, AND they run more tests on your dogs' DNA as the genes are identified. You'll know if your dog has common issues found in Stabyhouns, what color genes it carries, and more. Just swab the inside of your dog's cheek, send the tool back, and get your results in three to seven weeks, then report your results to the Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association.

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