Intske Visits Llewyn!

Thanks to a co-worker who returned their scheduled vacation time, I was able to get away to Maryland where our stud dog Llewyn (aka Theodorus) lives!

We spent the end of this week (Wed-Saturday), with Molly Doherty and Llewyn, and Dr.Tiffany Makowski, DVM at Buckeystown Veterinary Hospital breeding Intske for the Skûtsje litter. We've done all we can do, and have our fingers crossed for a positive ultrasound in about 27 days!

Many thanks to Slade Veterinary Clinic, who did our pre-breeding exams and strategy, and for their support throughout the process. Their level of professionalism and communication is beyond anything I've experienced. As well, many thanks to Dr. Makowski and Lori for treating us so exceptionally well, and fitting us in to their schedules at a moment's notice.

And, last but certainly not least, thanks to Molly Doherty for her flexibility, can-do kick *ss attitude, and her friendship! She is a dog person through and through - and it shows in her wonderful Llewyn and Velma Sue. Llewyn "contributed" more than his share in this process, too! Over a billion sperm on his first collection for AI, and just under a billion for the second. Healthy, happy, handsome Stabyhoun!

UPDATE: Intske is not pregnant. We will not be breeding again for at least 2 years. Anyone interested in applying for a Stabyhoun Puppy should complete an online application with the Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association.

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