Summer 2018 Breeding: the Skûtsje Litter!

A skûtsje (pronounced 'skootshuh') is a Frisian sailing boat, originally an ordinary cargo boat, but today a prized ship and one of the icons of Frisia.

Skûtsjes were built from the 18th century until about 1930 and are 12 to 20 m long and on average 3.5 m wide. In the 1920s and 1930s many skûtsjes were fitted with engines and after World War II the sails were even often removed. Nevertheless, other, much larger, powered boats took over water transportation in the area and many skûtsjes were rebuilt into houseboats or luxurious sailing yachts. Over time, more and more were restored to their original state.


As our friend Fenne Harkema says "Skûtsjes are sailing cargo ships from the olden days. Nowadays ‘Skûtsjesilen’ is being held ever summer at the Frisian Lakes (“wiide mar”!).

Towns and cities across Friesland own old Skûtsjes and have a week or so of contests on the Frisian lakes. It can hardly get any more Frisian than this!" And we agree!

What better epitomizes the sturdy, practical yet elegant and sporty breed that is the Stabyhoun, than an Frisian icon of rugged elegance and practicality, the Skûtsje!

So, as per the traditional naming convention, our litter will be:

Skûtsje (First or Given Name) fan de Wiide Mar

(Puppy's call name can be a name the owner desires, added in later)

ex.: Skûtsje Anke fan de Wiide Mar


Skûtsje Bente fan de Wiide Mar

Stabyhoun litters are registered with the litter with both AKC and FCI in Puerto Rico. This is done in week 1 or 2 after the litter is born for the FCI and these will be the formal names of each dog. AKC and FCI names must match. We transfer ownership of the puppy to each new home at the time you pick up your puppy. This establishes the new owner as the owner of record.

The FCI, Federation Cynologique Internationale is the only worldwide dog registry. The members of FCI are the individual kennel clubs for each country, such as the Raad van Beheer in Holland and the Federacion Canofila of Puerto Rico, the FCPR.

In order for us to have our offspring recognized internationally, we have to register our dogs and litters with a recognized member of the FCI. For Canada and the USA, this is the Federacion Canofila of Puerto Rico, the FCPR.

The FCI is also the primary registration recognized by our Dutch mother country, other than their own NHSB (registration arm of the Raad van Beheer). Therefore, all of our breeding bitches and stud dogs must have this FCI registration in hand to become eligible for breeding.

As a rare breed, in which every individual dog may contribute to the goal of preserving and protecting the Stabyhoun breed, it is important to register each dog.

We also want people to work with their dogs! The AKC-FSS registration is important for the working aspect of the breed. The AKC allows our "Foundation Stock Service" designated breed to participate in agility, obedience, and pointing trials. They also allow Stabyhouns to show in "open" conformation shows held around the United States. Your puppy will be registered as part of our litter registration. New puppy owners pay an additional $10 to get the final AKC registration paper for their puppy.

Many thanks to the generosity of Fenne Harkema for her assistance to us with the language, history and culture of Friesland!

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