Through Wind, Sleet & Snow...

Despite the intense Winter Storm Grayson that hammered the Eastern Seaboard on January 4, 2018 with high winds which triggered power outages in parts of New England, and whiteout conditions occurring along the immediate coast from Maine to the Virginia Tidewater, we were able to pair Intske with Theodorus (known as "Llewyn") this week!

On day 28-30 after breeding we will have an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy, but until then, we treat her as though she is pregnant!

What does that mean? It means we'll give Intske her normal food intake amount of high quality food, continue to exercise her and keep her fit (#5 on the Purina scale), continue her wild fish oil and blueberries and her ProBalance supplement.

We will have fun indoors with her during the cold weather doing flexibility, proprioception and strengthening exercises. This will help her whelp her litter easier and sustain her through the tough weeks of nursing. We will keep her life low-stress and have fun!

We'll also give her 'lots of touch: the epigenetic influence on her puppies will be positive as she relaxes and enjoys that belly rub, scratches, and petting. We won't baby her, though; she will still train, play, run, hike and do most everything during this first trimester.

We will avoid exposing her to kennel cough, canine influenza, parvo, herpes or intestinal disease by keeping her away from close contact with unknown dogs. We will also triple-check that ANY medication we give her is safe during pregnancy.

UPDATE: Our February 7, 2018 ultrasound was negative, so we were not successful on our first time breeding. Stay tuned for updates later this year!

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