Good News as We Prepare for Breeding!


We are celebrating LLewyn after a super report from the reproductive vet today in Buckeystown, MD. His sample was excellent and he has a good libido and it was an easy collection.

Maryland and Vermont are about 8.5 hours apart on a good day....we plan a natural mating in Vermont, but......JUST IN CASE, we have a backup plan for bad weather, illness, bad timing, holiday conflict: shipping chilled semen and doing TCI or AI on Intske.

Many thanks to Llewyn and Molly for working this out in Maryland! Hopefully our original plan will work out fine and we won't need to take these steps, but it's great to be prepared!

Here's the report:

Concentration ~227 million sperm cells per cc = ~454 million sperm per collection Motility: 99% motile, subjectively progressively motile Morphology: 93% normal

*Typical breeding dose is 150-200 million sperm cells *As a reference, we aim to have >50% progressively motile sperm and >70% normal morphology so this is a great sample!

My online mentor Gayle Watkins says "That is a nice collection! You have about 217 m healthy, motile sperm in a cc. You need 200 million. Excellent option!!"

Thanks to Molly for taking time out do do this, and for Velma (Bernese Mtn. Dog) for providing companionship along the way! Well done, Llewyn!

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