CARE conference - Laval, Quebec

Gayle Watkins, Ph.D (Avidog), Jac Harbour (renown as one of the best trainers of service dogs in Canada, as well training hunting Poodles), Myra Savant-Harris, RN (wrote the books on puppy whelping and neonatal care), and Christine Scruggs, DVM , Natalie Tessier (BetterBred)...Wow, what an all-star line up of presenters! It was hard to know decide between workshops - a great problem to have!

I came back from this with so much information, my brain still hasn't sorted through it all - but it will, have faith! I was really interested in the tweakable and stable behavioral traits in puppies, a seminar by Gayle Watkins, Ph.D; this corresponds with the APET puppy test she developed which helps in placing puppies with new owners and gives us information to tailor training and know what to expect in behavior.

I needed and very much enjoyed the workshop on the importance of structure and conformation with Christine Scruggs, DVM - great workshop, with a lot of opportunity to ask questions and really understand conformation.

The weekend wrapped up with Jac Harbour and Gayle Watkins discussing puppy evaluation - great discussion and sharing their experience and expertise from decades of breeding and placing working dogs. Inspiring and humbling for a new breeder.

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