2017 New England Stabyfest

Another great gathering of friends and Stabyhouns! Last I heard there were 29 Stabyhouns and 34 people that attended, including some friends on the waitlist ready to meet our dogs and members of the club.

We had a great potluck spread of food, plenty of sunshine and time to talk and get to know each other and our dogs.

There were LOTS of young dogs there this year! It was so great to see pups from the recent MagicRock Farm litter in Massachusetts, young Famke who was imported from the Netherlands early this summer, and a Wetterhoun pup, too!

Throughout the day there were evaluations for dogs and collection of DNA samples to be sent to the University of Utrecht for testing for Cerebral Dysfunction (CD). Many thanks to all that made it to the event and made it a fun day -- and to the great work of the Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association, and to Lee Brewer for showing me some of the finer points of evaluating Stabyhouns!

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