Early Spring 2018 Litter Announced!

Intske will be bred in January 2018, with a litter hopefully arriving in March if all goes as planned!

Check out our Spring 2018 Litter page for more details on the stud dog Theodorus (call name Llewyn); he's got a great temperament to match his excellent conformation.

Since puppies are so much fun, and these pups will be arriving in late winter, we selected the name "IIswille" (Frisian for winter fun on the ice) as the theme for this litter. We think this pairs well with our kennel name, which means "of the broad lake (or sea)". Many thanks to Fenne Harkema and her neighbor for their translation assistance!

Once puppies are on their way, we will post updates on the litter page, including weight chart, weekly enrichment activities, and of course photos and videos. We will also update our litter's Facebook page. We will be using Puppy Culture and Avidog protocols to give our pups a great start in life.

Registered names for this litter will look like this: IIswille (insert a Friesian name) fan de Wiide Mar,

ie: IIswille Mees fan de Wiide Mar.

Owners can choose their own English "call name" or use the second name in the registered name.

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