One More Step Towards Breeding!

So! We are further along the road towards breeding Intske! Today we heard the results of her hip and elbow radiographs, after being evaluated by the Orthapedic Foundation for Animals, Inc.

Intske has good hips, and normal elbows - which is great news. We'll be looking for a stud that has good hips and elbows, too.

Intske has also been cleared of having the genetic marker for Cerebral Disfunction (CD), because both of her parents were CD free.

This is really our last hurdle before settling on a stud and getting the clearances from our Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association and/or the NVSW in the Netherlands. When we propose a pairing, the BAC (Breeder's Advisory Committee) will look at at least three generations of each dog for health history.

The associations' rules of breeding are there to ensure that pups are born as healthy as possible and also to maintain genetic variety for the future well-being of the breed

In order to breed, a Stabyhoun needs:

-- a Passing Hip rating from the OFA or equivalent organization

-- a Passing Elbow rating from the OFA or equivalent organization

-- Health and Measurement Inventory taken

-- 2 evaluations equivalent to a Very Good or Excellent by two different FCI Judges qualified for Stabys or by the BAC committee

-- A temperament evaluation.

Intske saw three judges at the recent 10th Anniversary ASA Specialty held in Latrobe, PA, and she has two "VERY GOOD" ratings from the judges, and one "GOOD" rating. It was a good experience, and lots of fun getting judged. It certainly gave me a more critical eye about Stabyhoun conformation.

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