Tufts University,

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

I attended this full day conference and got great up-to-date information about breeding, health, genetics and infection control. I would recommend this annual event to any breeder.

Genetic Powerball: Getting the Winning Combination Jerold Bell, DVM, Adjunct Professor, Genetics, Department of Clinical Sciences

Breeding Bitch I: Is He Husband Material? It’s All About the Sperm William E Schultz, DVM, Owner, Schultz Veterinary Hospital

Breeding Bitch II: Maximizing Litter Size…How to Plant the Seed William E Schultz, DVM, Owner, Schultz Veterinary Hospital

Feeding for Optimal Health of the Bitch and Pups Cailin Heinze, MS,VMD, DACVN, Assistant Professor, Nutrition, Department of Clinical Sciences

Puppy Protection! Implementing Parasite and Infection Control in Your Breeding Program Jean Mukherjee, DVM, PhD, Assistant Professor, Parasitology, Department of Infectious Disease and Global Health

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