Intske Anke f/d Moaie Hôvingen

NHSB # 2976108

Born: August 18, 2014



NHSB 2848860



NHSB 2814895


Family trio - Intske with her parents

Intske loves to swim...

Intske loves to swim...

Intske Anke fan de Moaie Hôvingen CGC, NTK, ITK

Intske is our first Stabyhoun - her story is very special to us.  I saw her the day she was born in the Netherlands, via Facebook photos and I watched the litter daily as they grew.  Intske's breeders were exceptional in posting videos and photos and updating prospective puppy owners.  They were also exceptional at socializing and training the puppies to be emotionally sturdy and ready for the world.  They took the pups to school classes to meet kids, to the garden center, for a stroller ride into the heart of Schoonhoven, NL, their town, among many other activities. 

Not only did Bertha van Engelen and Karin Blok entrust me with a very delightful girl puppy, they have lent their support and friendship ever since.  I hope to be as useful and generous with the families that will one day have one of Intske's pups. 

Intske has turned out to be a resilient, smart, funny, incredibly trainable, loving, healthy dog that is one of the best dogs we have ever had in our lives. Despite an early injury to her eye resulting in its removal, she is brave and trusts us implicitly.   She runs agility, has tried barn hunt, she loves water retrieves, tennis balls, walks in the woods, belly rubs and sleeping on the bed.   She goes almost everywhere with us - motel rooms, campgrounds, restaurants, dog shows and competitions, boating and hiking. 


While attending the 10th annual Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association Specialty in July 2016, Intske received two "Very Good" ratings from the Dutch judges brought over from the Netherlands just for this event.  In the fall of 2016, after her 2nd birthday, she passed her OFA hip and elbow ratings with normal elbows and "GOOD" hips.