July 22, 2018

Thanks to a co-worker who returned their scheduled vacation time, I was able to get away to Maryland where our stud dog Llewyn (aka Theodorus) lives!  

We spent the end of this week (Wed-Saturday), with Molly Doherty and Llewyn, and Dr.Tiffany Makowski, DVM at Buckeystown Veterinary Hospital breeding Intske for the Skûtsje litter.  We've done all we can do, and have our fingers crossed for a positive ultrasound in about 27 days!

Many thanks to Slade Veterinary Clinic, who did our pre-breeding exams and strategy, an...

July 8, 2018

Yes, we just broke some heat wave records in Vermont last week, and on Independence Day, (right on schedule!) Intske began her heat.  What does that mean?  She has transitioned from ANestrus into PROestrus, which will then transition into ESTRUS, which is when we breed!  

Last heat cycle, Intske was ovulating on day 14-15; what is your guess for this cycle?


In this illustration, you see purple and blui...

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