May 14, 2018

A skûtsje (pronounced 'skootshuh') is a Frisian sailing boat, originally an ordinary cargo boat, but today a prized ship and one of the icons of Frisia.

Skûtsjes were built from the 18th century until about 1930 and are 12 to 20 m long and on average 3.5 m wide.  In the 1920s and 1930s many skûtsjes were fitted with engines and after World War II the sails were even often removed. Nevertheless, other, much larger, powered boats took over water transportation in the area and many skûtsjes were r...

May 11, 2018

We are heading north of the border to Ottawa, Ontario in June to attend the Canadian Kennel Club conference and to see Dr. Gayle Watkins, Ph.D. present seminars on "The Boys We Love: Raising, Managing and Using a Stud Dog", and "Timing Your Breedings: From Beginning to End", and Dr. Laurie Larson, DVM at University of Wisconsin CAVIDS laboratory - speaking about vaccine antibody testing.  

We are excited to see this new seminar on Stud Dogs, particularly - as we may decide to keep a male Stabyhoun puppy from our u...

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