December 16, 2017

Intske's brother Imme Mees fan de Moaie Hôvingen was once again successful at a dog show in the Netherlands!

He won BEST MALE (BOS) and BEST OF BREED (BOB) at Kerstshow dog show in the Netherlands this weekend against 32 other Stabyhouns in the ring under judge G. Halff - van Boven (NL).

He was also shortlisted by best of 6 in BEST IN GROUP!

With Llewyn's excellent conformation, easy going attitude and stable temperament too, let's hope that we see some of these wonderful traits passed on to Llewyn and Intske's litter!

December 1, 2017


We are celebrating LLewyn after a super report from the reproductive vet today in Buckeystown, MD.  His sample was excellent and he has a good libido and it was an easy collection. 

Maryland and Vermont are about 8.5 hours apart on a good day....we plan a natural mating in Vermont, but......JUST IN CASE, we have a backup plan for bad weather, illness, bad timing, holiday conflict: shipping chilled semen and doing TCI or AI on Intske.

Many thanks to Llewyn and Molly for working this out in Maryland! Hopefully our or...

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