All breed handler Lisanne Bakker showing 

Jelmer, Anton Jelmer fan de Moaie Hovingen, 8 years

1 excellent, veteran class
Vetran Best of Breed

Breed Standard

FCI-Standard Nr: 222

Stabyhoun, or Frisian Pointing Dog

ORIGIN: The Netherlands.


UTILIZATION: Pointing dog.

The Stabijhoun is a very versatile dog. He is an all-round hunting dog and keeps the yard free of mice and rats. He guards the yard and has a good reputation as a mole and polecat catcher. The previously common larger type Stabijhoun pulled the milk carts, while the smaller type made his name as a professional mole catcher. This talent made the Stabij popular with the poorer farmers and farmhands. The moleskins were worth a lot of money as linings for the wrists of sleeves and other items. The Stabijhoun was carried in a basket on the bike so that they could cover long distances.

FCI-CLASSIFICATION: Group 7 Pointing Hunting.

Section 1.2 Continental Pointing Dogs.  Spaniel type, With working trial.


Functionally and powerful built pointing dog. The body is slightly longer than its height at the withers. The overall picture is neither too robust nor too fine. The skin should fit tightly. The feathering on chest, collar, forelegs, trousers and tail gives the Stabijhoun the impression of being long-haired, but the coat should not be excessively long. Sex should be unmistakable.

The Stabijhoun should be slightly stretched. This means a little longer then high. About 10% is a good guideline. It means that a dog from 50 cm high, should be approximately 55 cm long. We measure the length from the breastbone to the sit bones. The length of the front legs (from the floor to the elbows) needs to be equal to the length from the elbow to the withers.

IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS: The body is slightly longer than high. It is important that the harmony and balance associated with a functional body is in accordance with the size of the dog. Elbow is approximately equidistant from ground to withers.



The Stabijhoun is very independent and likes to go his own way. The Stabijhoun is affectionate with a distinctive friendly nature to children, but can also be very headstrong. Patience and a consistent education are essential. In the house or in the yard, the Stabijhoun is a quiet but vigilant dog. With strangers or in unfamiliar situations, Stabijhoun may be reserved at first, but should not be afraid.


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