Anne "Annetje" Zonnehoeve

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Born: JANUARY 22, 2019


NHSB 2989018 



NHSB 2978563


Anne was born on January 22, 2019 in Doorn, Netherlands.  She is one of a litter of 12 puppies!  Her mother "Puck" (Eva Saske) had 13 puppies in her first litter in 2017!

Her breeder is Wousje Bos, Kennel Zonnehoeve.  Wousje and my dear friend Annette Verdoorn helped me choose Anne, as I was in the United States.  Anne also had to spend two extra weeks with Wousje in order to fly home with me on KLM airlines.

She arrived in the U.S.A. with me on April 1, 2019.

Photos of puppy courtesy of Wousje Bos, Nel Ros and Annette Verdoorn

"A" Litter born 1/22/2019 at Kennel Sonnehoeve, Doorn, Netherlands -  12 pups in this litter!  4 boys, 8 girls. 

Geboren:dinsdag 22 januari 2019

Verdeling:4 reutjes, 8 teefjes

Vader:Dauwe Kjeld fan è Grûn Dollers

Moeder:Eva Saske Zonnehoeve

Fokker:W.G.J. Bos


Deze combinatie heeft een positief advies van de fokadviescommissie gekregen.

Anne at 6 months of age (above) at the 2019 Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association Specialty in Latrobe, PA (July 2019).  She was previewed by Dutch Stabyhoun Judges Jettie Alberts and Angelique Plasman and received "very promising" evaluations from both.   Click on PDF icons above for judges' remarks.       

Anne was again evaluated in October 2020 by U.S. judge Lee Brewer, and she received a "Very Good" rating.  She, like other Stabijs, is slow to really mature and she is on the more fine-boned side, so when we select a male breeding partner for her, he will balance this in her; ie; we will not select a tall, fine-boned male. 

Anne's breeder says that she is very much like her half sister "Wint", and currently her structure reminds me of her great  great grandfather HYLKE V.H. ZANDHIEM, NHSB 2349574, or her grandmother SEIJA FAN IT ROEKEBOSK, NHSB 2791604 or Great great great grandfather THYS FEN 'T LEEUWENHIEM NHSB 2056569 (pictured on the right)

Read the 2020 judges remarks in the PDF in the yellow box above.

Anne's great great great grandfather THYS FEN 'T LEEUWENHIEM NHSB 2056569 born in 1996

Anne's mum and half sister "Wint"  with her and her litter mates in January 2019

Anne's great great grandmother HYLKE V.H. ZANDHIEM NHSB 2349574 born in 2001

Anne exploring a new beach with us on a camping trip

Anne and her father Dauwe

Intske & Anne, August 2019

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