the Sjarme Litter
May 2021

Anne Zonnehoeve (Annetje)

NHSB 3146788

Theodorus (Llewyn)

NHSB 3008122

2019 ASA Specialty Winner

Two of the easiest going Stabijs...

We are very excited as we anticipate this pairing - both of them are stable and well-tempered, friendly and "free" as the Dutch say.  To my mind, this is right up there with health and conformation in importance. 

Both Annetje and Llewyn were born in the Netherlands - many thanks to Llewyn's breeder Ada Nouwen, and Annetje's breeder Wousje Bos, Kennel Zonnehoeve for their contributions to our North American Stabyhoun population!

The finer points...

Llewyn not only "passed" judging requirements, he won "Best in Show" at the 2019 Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association (ASA) Specialty show and we were there to watch Dutch Judge Angelique Plasman Award him!  He received "excellent" marks from both Dutch judges that weekend.

Anne is young, but has been judged "very good" by our American judge, and was "very promising" at 6 months of age at our Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association (ASA) Specialty with Dutch judges.  Read her remarks by the judges or review her information.


Both Annetje and Llewyn are registered with the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI),  an international federation of a number of national kennel clubs, based in Thuin, Belgium; because both are Dutch bred and the official Dutch Kennel Club, Raad Van Beheer, is recognized by FCI. 


They are also registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) so they can participate in AKC events and titles.  Their puppies will be registered with both clubs, as well - this allows for future breeding with dogs from Europe, and for the puppies to be recognized under AKC Foundation Stock Dog Service (FSS).

A Balanced Pairing

Llewyn has  excellent conformation and is sturdy- a nice balance to Anne's fine boned structure.  Both have great proportions and angulation, are structurally sound, and they all meet the "pretty" points of being a Stabyhoun!  Llewyn has one offspring from a breeding in 2019.  Both Annetje and Llewyn have been DNA tested through EMBARK.  

And then there are pups!

Puppies from this litter will be DNA tested for health (and to contribute data to the ASA's DNA project), started on crate and potty training, and receive Early Scent Introduction (ESI) and Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS).  Learn and watch more about these in Dr. Gayle Watkin's ESI video and Dr. Carmen Battaglia discussing ENS


The puppies will be well-socialized during their time with us, visiting stores, going for stroller rides, meeting neighbors, getting accustomed to sounds and more!  They will also be introduced to the airline carrier if new families have to travel by plane (see "Taking Your Pup Home").  Follow along with their experiences or watch our live webcam! 

What's in a name?

The litter is named for the Frisian word for "charm" which is "sjarme".  Our stud, Llewyn hails from the Charm City, aka Baltimore, and so we tip our hat to his home town!

Each pup will have a registered name with this word starting it - it signifies to others they are from the same litter.  (In the worldwide Stabyhoun database Zooeasy, it will be easy to search for the whole litter by "Sjarme".)  Then, each pup will have a Dutch/Frisian name, followed by the kennel name (fan de Wiide Mar), following tradition. 


A sample name would be "Sjarme Saske fan de Wiide Mar" or "Sjarme Harko fan de Wiide Mar". 


We name the pups immediately because they must be registered early so their registrations are returned in time to sign them over to their new families at 8 weeks of age.  Of course, you can pick any call name you like!  

Llewyn winning Best in Show at the 2019 Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Specialty, Latrobe, PA; Molly receiving his award from Judge Angelique Plasman.

Annetje on the shores of Lake Champlain 

Molly and Llewyn at the ready!

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