We raise and train a rare dog breed called the Stabyhoun.

Because this breed is counted among the top ten rarest dog breeds in the world, we strive to contribute to the stewardship of this breed, following scientific guidelines for genetic diversity and breed health.  


We are members of and follow the breeding guidelines of the Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association (ASA)  in the United States.  See the video on this page for a great view of our association and the work we are doing.


We are also members of the Nederlandse Verenigning voor Stabij-en Wetterhounen (NVSW) in the Netherlands.  We feel it is important to support this rare breed internationally and we value our connections with clubs and breeders.

I have trained with Dr. Gail Watkins and Dr. Chris Zink with Avidog, and I have now become a Good Dog Breeder; click on the badge for more information about their standards.  I have also received an "EXCELLENT" rating for our health testing from Good Dog.  They have wonderful seminars and information, I encourage you to check out their programs.

Our kennel name "fan de Wiide Mar" is Frisian for "from the broad lake".  We live along the shores of the "broad lake" area of Lake Champlain, in Burlington, Vermont.  


Our kennel name is a tribute to the origins of the Stabyhoun, which is Friesland, Netherlands.  Our valley is between the Adirondack Mountains of New York state and Vermont's Green Mountains. Our girl Intske loves the lake for swimming and water retrieves.  Read more about the breed on THE STABYHOUN page.   

Explore our website and visit regularly for updates. Find out more about the breed and about our philosophy regarding training, breeding and puppy-rearing.

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